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The Park Seventh-day Adventist Church is excited to now offer podcasting of sermons presented by Pastor Greg Carlson as well as our elders and many other guest speakers.

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Park Seventh-day Adventist Church Sermons     Subscribe to this channel    iTunes
The Secret Family RecipeThe Secret Family RecipePastor Andre Hastick, May 6, 2018
How To Give A Bible StudyHow To Give A Bible StudyPastor David Klinedinst, Apr 29, 2018
How To Visit PeopleHow To Visit PeoplePastor David Klinedinst, Apr 29, 2018
Everyday OpportunitiesEveryday OpportunitiesPastor David Klinedinst, Apr 29, 2018
Why Are We HereWhy Are We HerePastor Greg Carlson, Apr 27, 2018
Unfinished BusinessUnfinished BusinessEric Flickinger, Apr 16, 2018
The Great Trade-offThe Great Trade-offEric Flickinger, Apr 16, 2018
Christ Our PassoverChrist Our PassoverPastor Greg Carlson, Apr 7, 2018
Words Of HopeWords Of HopePastor Rick Remmers, Apr 3, 2018
Experience The PowerExperience The PowerPastor David Berthiaume, Mar 24, 2018
Cuba MissionCuba MissionPastor Greg Carlson, Mar 17, 2018
A Time of DeliveranceA Time of DeliveranceElder Wesly Brouard, Mar 10, 2018
A Journey of Desire Into the Presence of GodA Journey of Desire Into the Presence of GodElder Randy Strom, Mar 6, 2018
Whats Our Will?Whats Our Will?Elder Jerry Wilson, Feb 27, 2018
Truth Left Behind The StudyTruth Left Behind The StudyElder Mark McDonald, Feb 17, 2018
Truth Left BehindTruth Left BehindElder Mark McDonald, Feb 10, 2018
The Eleven CommandmentsThe Eleven CommandmentsPastor David Klinedist, Feb 3, 2018
Knocked Down, But DonKnocked Down, But Don't Count Me OutElder Kimandi Binns, Feb 2, 2018
ResoluteResolutePastor Greg Carlson, Jan 20, 2018
Still, Listen, Know, Praise!Still, Listen, Know, Praise!Elder Mark McDonald, Jan 15, 2018
The Gift of a SaviorThe Gift of a SaviorPastor Greg Carlson, Dec 16, 2017
ItIt's Not About The WallPastor Greg Carlson, Dec 9, 2017
Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartGive Thanks with a Grateful HeartPastor Grenford, Dec 9, 2017
The Lord is My ShepherdThe Lord is My ShepherdPastor Greg Carlson, Dec 9, 2017
Sola ScripturaSola ScripturaElder Mark McDonald, Nov 12, 2017
Heaven- Deal of a LifetimeHeaven- Deal of a LifetimePastor Berthiaume, Nov 7, 2017
Christ in CrisisChrist in CrisisElder Randy Strom, Nov 3, 2017
Peace In The StormPeace In The StormPastor Carlson, Sep 16, 2017
The SilversmithThe SilversmithElder Mark McDonald, Sep 12, 2017
Difficult Times - Ordinary PeopleDifficult Times - Ordinary PeoplePastor Carlson, Sep 12, 2017
Passing on The TorchPassing on The TorchElder Jerry Wilson, Aug 27, 2017
What is SinWhat is SinPastor Carlson, Aug 19, 2017
When Jesus CameWhen Jesus CameElder John Garufi, Aug 19, 2017
Give Them BackGive Them BackPastor Carlson, Aug 5, 2017
The Time of TroubleThe Time of TroubleElder Mark McDonald, Jul 31, 2017
The Little Time of TroubleThe Little Time of TroubleElder Mark McDonald, Jul 23, 2017
Sharing The JoySharing The JoyElder Eli Rojas, Jul 1, 2017
New Testament BaptismNew Testament BaptismPastor Carlson, Jun 18, 2017
What is the Most ValueWhat is the Most ValueElder Jerry Wilson, Jun 16, 2017
Who Do You LoveWho Do You LovePastor Carlson, Jun 9, 2017
The Model PrayerThe Model PrayerPastor Carlson, Jun 1, 2017
DrybonesDrybonesElder John Garufi, Jun 1, 2017
Running With GodRunning With GodElder Mathew George, May 26, 2017
The Seed That GrowsThe Seed That GrowsElder Mark McDonald, May 14, 2017
Does It Really MatterDoes It Really MatterPastor Sean Robinson, May 6, 2017
The FactThe Fact's of God's LovePastor Carlson, Apr 2, 2017
ItIt's All HisPastor Carlson, Mar 19, 2017
Feasting or FastingFeasting or FastingElder Randy Strom, Mar 11, 2017
Born to ServeBorn to ServePastor Carl Rodriguez, Mar 5, 2017
Great Acts to FollowGreat Acts to FollowPastor Gary Gibbs, Feb 25, 2017
The Chief Tax CollectorThe Chief Tax CollectorElder Jerry Wilson, Feb 18, 2017
At The FeetAt The FeetElder Mark McDonald, Feb 18, 2017
A Man After My Own Heart - Special MusicA Man After My Own Heart - Special MusicMike Dawson, Feb 18, 2017
Where is JesusWhere is JesusElder John Garufi, Feb 18, 2017
Walking in HolinessWalking in HolinessPastor Carlson, Feb 5, 2017
HolinessHolinessPastor Carlson, Jan 22, 2017
The Resurrection Good News or BadThe Resurrection Good News or BadPastor Carlson, Jan 5, 2017
The Politics of Man or the Worship of GodThe Politics of Man or the Worship of GodElder Mark McDonald, Dec 16, 2016
The Son of ManThe Son of ManPastor Puia, Dec 10, 2016
Take The Long ViewTake The Long ViewPastor Carlson, Dec 4, 2016
The Ultimate Mind GamesThe Ultimate Mind GamesPastor Rick Remmers, Nov 27, 2016
The Anatomy of EvilThe Anatomy of EvilElder Mark McDonald, Nov 12, 2016
What Will Heaven Really Be Like?What Will Heaven Really Be Like?Pastor Carlson, Nov 7, 2016
RevelationRevelation's Last Day Movement of DestinyPastor Carlson, Nov 3, 2016
The Mark of The BeastThe Mark of The BeastPastor Carlson, Oct 23, 2016
The Adequacy of FaithThe Adequacy of FaithElder Jerry Wilson, Oct 12, 2016
Worthy or Unworthy?Worthy or Unworthy?Pastor Carlson, Oct 12, 2016
Prevailing FaithPrevailing FaithPastor Carlson, Sep 4, 2016
In Health or In DenialIn Health or In DenialElder Mark McDonald, Aug 28, 2016
How The Spirit Helps Us PrayHow The Spirit Helps Us PrayPastor Carlson, Aug 21, 2016
What Would Jesus DoWhat Would Jesus DoWesley Brouard, Aug 14, 2016
The Just Live by FaithThe Just Live by FaithPastor Carlson, Aug 7, 2016
Stand Your WatchStand Your WatchPastor Carlson, Aug 1, 2016
From Pit to PalaceFrom Pit to PalaceAdrian Valcin, Jul 28, 2016
Covered by BloodCovered by BloodPastor Carlson, Jul 28, 2016
12 x 12,00012 x 12,000Elder Mark McDonald, Jul 9, 2016
I Pledge Allegiance to The LambI Pledge Allegiance to The LambPastor Carlson, Jul 3, 2016
Youth for ChristYouth for ChristPastor Puia, Jul 3, 2016
Whats NextWhats NextElder John Garufi, Jul 3, 2016
The Everlasting Gospel and The 3 AngelsThe Everlasting Gospel and The 3 AngelsElder Mark McDonald, Jun 13, 2016
The Wrong Place at the Right TimeThe Wrong Place at the Right TimePastor Carlson, Jun 4, 2016
The Faith of JesusThe Faith of JesusPastor Carlson, May 30, 2016
Pastor CarlsonPastor CarlsonSeventy Times Seven, May 14, 2016
His Glory, Our PraiseHis Glory, Our PraiseElder Mark McDonald, May 11, 2016
I Have A DreamI Have A DreamPastor Carlson, May 1, 2016
The Sermon On The MountThe Sermon On The MountElder Jerry Wilson, May 1, 2016
Lost and FoundLost and FoundElder Mark McDonald, Mar 13, 2016
Two MarysTwo MarysPastor Berthiaume, Feb 25, 2016
GodGod's Special ValentinesPastor Berthiaume, Feb 14, 2016
Do We Know What Jesus Has Done To Us?Do We Know What Jesus Has Done To Us?Pastor Berthiaume, Feb 7, 2016
Whatever It TakesWhatever It TakesElder Randy Strom, Feb 4, 2016
Prayer, The LifePrayer, The LifePastor Berthiaume, Jan 12, 2016
Prayer, Better Than We AskPrayer, Better Than We AskPastor Berthiaume, Jan 3, 2016
The Ultimate Power GiftThe Ultimate Power GiftPastor Berthiaume, Dec 19, 2015
The 144,000 RevealedThe 144,000 RevealedElder Mark McDonald, Nov 29, 2015
Prayer Praise and ThanksgivingPrayer Praise and ThanksgivingPastor Berthiaume, Nov 29, 2015
The Cost of Being Used By GodThe Cost of Being Used By GodPastor Berthiaume, Nov 29, 2015
Sharing in His SorrowsSharing in His SorrowsPastor Berthiaume, Nov 7, 2015
The Everlasting GospelThe Everlasting GospelElder Mark McDonald, Nov 1, 2015
The Golden Alter Before The LordThe Golden Alter Before The LordElder Jerry Wilson, Oct 25, 2015
Mountain of GraceMountain of GracePastor Berthiaume, Oct 17, 2015
How To Be An Overnight Famous Man of GodHow To Be An Overnight Famous Man of GodPastor Antonidass, Sep 26, 2015
Paying Attention to LaodeceaPaying Attention to LaodeceaPastor Berthiaume, Sep 19, 2015
Is This Fulfillment of ProphecyIs This Fulfillment of ProphecyPastor Berthiaume, Sep 12, 2015
Prepare To Be LovedPrepare To Be LovedPastor Berthiaume, Sep 5, 2015
Experienceing The Joy of The Family of GodExperienceing The Joy of The Family of GodPastor Berthiaume, Aug 30, 2015
And All The World WonderedAnd All The World WonderedElder Mark McDonald, Aug 29, 2015
True LoveTrue LoveRandy Strom, Jul 25, 2015
Only The Fathers Love Part 3Only The Fathers Love Part 3Pastor Berthiaume, Jul 19, 2015
Only The Fathers Love Part 2Only The Fathers Love Part 2Pastor Berthiaume, Jul 12, 2015
Only The Fathers Love Part 1Only The Fathers Love Part 1Pastor Berthiaume, Jul 7, 2015
Thy Kingdom ComeThy Kingdom ComeElder Mark McDonald, Jun 21, 2015
EarthEarth's Danger ZonePastor Berthiaume, Jun 14, 2015
Joy of BaptismJoy of BaptismPastor Berthiaume, Jun 14, 2015
Love in MagnificenceLove in MagnificencePastor Berthiaume, May 17, 2015
For Such A TimeFor Such A TimePastor Berthiaume, May 17, 2015
The Jesus HugThe Jesus HugPastor Goya, May 2, 2015
An Abiding SeparationAn Abiding SeparationElder Earl Street, Apr 25, 2015
The Hellish TruthThe Hellish TruthElder Mark McDonald, Mar 28, 2015
Day StarDay StarSpecial Music by Dennis, Milton, Daniel, and Wesley, Mar 21, 2015
Beyond a Reasonable DoubtBeyond a Reasonable DoubtRandy Strom, Mar 9, 2015
The Curse of ConfidenceThe Curse of ConfidencePastor Grinchenko, Mar 1, 2015
Exiting GodExiting God's Waiting RoomPastor Grinchenko, Feb 27, 2015
GodGod's Waiting Room Part 2Pastor Grinchenko, Feb 8, 2015
GodGod's Waiting Room Part 1Pastor Grinchenko, Feb 8, 2015
The Burning CandlestickThe Burning CandlestickElder Mark McDonald, Jan 25, 2015
How the Muppets Almost Killed My DadHow the Muppets Almost Killed My DadPastor Gonzalez, Jan 18, 2015
T.G.I.S (Thank God ItT.G.I.S (Thank God It's Sabbath)Kean Baxtor, Jan 11, 2015
Blood TestBlood TestPastor Grinchenko, Jan 5, 2015
Fear Not ShepherdsFear Not ShepherdsPastor Grinchenko, Dec 27, 2014
Fear Not JosephFear Not JosephPastor Grinchenko, Dec 21, 2014
Fear Not MaryFear Not MaryPastor Grinchenko, Dec 14, 2014
Fear Not ZechariahFear Not ZechariahPastor Grinchenko, Dec 7, 2014
The NameThe NameElder Mark McDonald, Nov 21, 2014
The Lion King and The New JerusalemThe Lion King and The New JerusalemElder Jerry Wilson, Nov 9, 2014
Blow The TrumpetBlow The TrumpetStan Golightly, Nov 2, 2014
Dangers of the ShakingDangers of the ShakingElder Mark McDonald, Oct 25, 2014
By The SpiritBy The SpiritPastor Ken Scheller, Oct 19, 2014
In GodIn God's HandMrs. Scheller, Oct 11, 2014
What good is a ProphetWhat good is a ProphetElder John Garufi, Oct 5, 2014
Jesus and The CrossJesus and The CrossElder Jerry Wilson, Oct 5, 2014
The Mother of HarlotsThe Mother of HarlotsElder Mark McDonald, Sep 19, 2014
Going Through SamariaGoing Through SamariaDaniel McManus, Aug 23, 2014
The Battle of ArmageddonThe Battle of ArmageddonElder Mark McDonald, Aug 9, 2014
Crossing The BridgeCrossing The BridgePastor Ken Scheller, Jul 19, 2014
By Faith By TrustBy Faith By TrustPastor Ken Scheller, Jul 5, 2014
Come Out of Her My PeopleCome Out of Her My PeopleRandy Strom, Jun 29, 2014
Present Something BetterPresent Something BetterMrs. Scheller, Jun 20, 2014
War in HeavenWar in HeavenKean Baxtor, May 31, 2014
The Deadly Wound SpeaksThe Deadly Wound SpeaksElder Mark McDonald, May 13, 2014
Bearing The CrossBearing The CrossElder Mark McDonald, Mar 29, 2014
The Twenty Four EldersThe Twenty Four EldersElder Jerry Wilson, Mar 23, 2014
Grasshoppers vs Giants behind High WallsGrasshoppers vs Giants behind High WallsElder Randy Strom, Mar 8, 2014
Cast OutCast OutElder Mark McDonald, Feb 22, 2014
The Last StruggleThe Last StrugglePastor Ken Scheller, Jan 23, 2014
The sun or The Son?The sun or The Son?Elder Mark McDonald, Dec 29, 2013
The Missing LinkThe Missing LinkElder Randy Strom, Nov 30, 2013
The Spirit of The LordThe Spirit of The LordCarolyn Scheller, Nov 10, 2013
His PromiseHis PromisePastor Ken Scheller, Nov 2, 2013
The Seal of God and The Last GenerationThe Seal of God and The Last GenerationElder Mark McDonald, Oct 26, 2013
Pastor Ken SchellerPastor Ken SchellerDrivers Ed 1, Oct 19, 2013
His Last Message To His BrideHis Last Message To His BrideElder Randy Strom, Oct 13, 2013
Accomplished - DoneAccomplished - DonePastor Ken Scheller, Oct 6, 2013
The Church of Philadelphia A Call to PatienceThe Church of Philadelphia A Call to PatienceElder Jerry Wilson, Oct 6, 2013
The CallThe CallMarian Jackson, Sep 14, 2013
The Last Elijah MessageThe Last Elijah MessageElder Mark McDonald, Aug 31, 2013
My WitnessMy WitnessPastor Kleyton Feitosa, Aug 24, 2013
The Church of Thyatira - A Call to PurityThe Church of Thyatira - A Call to PurityElder Jerry Wilson, Aug 10, 2013
Right, Wrong, My Way?Right, Wrong, My Way?Pastor Ken Scheller, Aug 3, 2013
Spiritual DiscernmentSpiritual DiscernmentPastor Ken Scheller, Jul 23, 2013
Not by Might, but by My SpiritNot by Might, but by My SpiritRandy Strom, Jul 13, 2013
Really Forgiven?Really Forgiven?Pastor Ken Scheller, Jul 6, 2013
Two Brothers and Their ChildrenTwo Brothers and Their ChildrenMrs. Scheller, Jun 8, 2013
Give Me JesusGive Me JesusRandy Strom, May 4, 2013
The Deadly Wound HealedThe Deadly Wound HealedElder Mark McDonald, Apr 13, 2013
The PantokratorThe PantokratorElder Jerry Wilson, Mar 30, 2013
Spirit of GodSpirit of GodPastor Ken Scheller, Mar 10, 2013
Revelation Chapter 4Revelation Chapter 4Elder Mark McDonald, Feb 24, 2013
Gods AvailabilityGods AvailabilityPastor Ken Scheller, Jan 20, 2013
Does God Really Love Me?Does God Really Love Me?Pastor Ken Scheller, Jan 6, 2013
His HumilityHis HumilityMrs. Carolyn Scheller, Dec 9, 2012
Life in Concrete Part 4Life in Concrete Part 4Pastor Ken Scheller, Dec 1, 2012
Life in Concrete Part 3 GlorificationLife in Concrete Part 3 GlorificationPastor Ken Scheller, Nov 19, 2012
Life in ConcreteLife in ConcretePastor Ken Scheller, Oct 20, 2012
A Living Sacrifice Part 2A Living Sacrifice Part 2Elder Mark McDonald, Sep 22, 2012
Elder John AppelElder John AppelWhat Should Our Attitude Be to Those That Are Lost ?, Sep 8, 2012
The Wedding GarmentThe Wedding GarmentElder Ralph Krum, Sep 1, 2012
True Revival, The Churches Greatest NeedTrue Revival, The Churches Greatest NeedWalter Davidson, Aug 11, 2012
A Living Sacrifice Part 1A Living Sacrifice Part 1Elder Mark McDonald, Jul 29, 2012
In One HourIn One HourPastor Ken Scheller, Jul 21, 2012
Why Me?Why Me?Elder Matthew George, Jul 21, 2012
Is GodIs God's Love in your BrainElder Jerry Wilson, May 13, 2012
Come Out of CaliforniaCome Out of CaliforniaPastor Ken Scheller, May 5, 2012
The Great I AMThe Great I AMSteve Stender, Apr 29, 2012
Principles of the Kingdom of HeavenPrinciples of the Kingdom of HeavenWalter Davidson, Apr 22, 2012
The Seven Last Statements of ChristThe Seven Last Statements of ChristElder Mark McDonald, Apr 15, 2012
CommunionCommunionPastor Ken Scheller, Mar 22, 2012
Three Months To LiveThree Months To LiveMrs. Scheller, Mar 12, 2012
Nailed To The CrossNailed To The CrossElder Mark McDonald, Mar 4, 2012
WhoWho's Riches?Pastor Ken Scheller, Mar 3, 2012
Why Are We Seventh-day Adventists?Why Are We Seventh-day Adventists?Pastor Ken Scheller, Feb 18, 2012
What Shall I Do With Jesus Part 3What Shall I Do With Jesus Part 3Pastor Ken Scheller, Feb 5, 2012
What Shall I Do with Jesus Part 2What Shall I Do with Jesus Part 2Pastor Ken Scheller, Jan 21, 2012
The Working of The Spirit in Cavalry & PentecostThe Working of The Spirit in Cavalry & PentecostElder Jerry Wilson, Jan 15, 2012
What Shall I Do With JesusWhat Shall I Do With JesusPastor Ken Scheller, Jan 10, 2012
Jesus GroanedJesus GroanedGuest Speaker Cyril Herbert, Dec 10, 2011
The Mechanics of PrayerThe Mechanics of PrayerPastor Ken Scheller, Dec 9, 2011
Perfect in ChristPerfect in ChristElder Mark McDonald, Nov 14, 2011
Seeing Genesis in JesusSeeing Genesis in JesusPastor Ken Scheller, Nov 7, 2011
How Much Is GOD Worth?How Much Is GOD Worth?Elder Jerry Wilson, Oct 24, 2011
Catch That ChariotCatch That ChariotPastor Rick Remmers, Oct 19, 2011
Divine Power, Divine LoveDivine Power, Divine LoveMrs. Scheller, Oct 6, 2011
Jesus Is Coming SOON!Jesus Is Coming SOON!Pastor Ron Goss, Sep 26, 2011
Red Sky In The MorningRed Sky In The MorningPastor Ron Goss, Sep 26, 2011
Much MoreMuch MorePastor Mauri Bascom, Sep 10, 2011
Dead!Dead!Pastor Ken Scheller, Sep 6, 2011
The Cure For IgnoranceThe Cure For IgnorancePastor Ken Scheller, Aug 22, 2011
Whom Shall I Send?Whom Shall I Send?Pastor Richard Figueredo, Aug 19, 2011
The Final CleansingThe Final CleansingElder Mark McDonald, Jul 30, 2011
Cleansing The Temple Part 1Cleansing The Temple Part 1Elder Mark McDonald, Jul 23, 2011
One Day At A TimeOne Day At A TimePastor Ken Scheller, Jul 23, 2011
My Messenger Part 2My Messenger Part 2Pastor Ken Scheller, Jun 19, 2011
Spiritual WarSpiritual WarPastor Steve Stender, Jun 12, 2011
My Messenger Part 1My Messenger Part 1Pastor Ken Scheller, Jun 4, 2011
A New Community: Where Are You Going?A New Community: Where Are You Going?Pastor Timothy D. Lee, May 28, 2011
Truth PrevailsTruth PrevailsPastor Ken Scheller, May 21, 2011
The Final WarningThe Final WarningPastor Ken Scheller, May 7, 2011
A New Community: The FoundationA New Community: The FoundationPastor Timothy D. Lee, Apr 30, 2011
Running The Race of LifeRunning The Race of LifeElder David Carroll, Apr 16, 2011
The Upper RoomThe Upper RoomElder Mark McDonald, Apr 9, 2011
Earthquake? Tsunami? War? DonEarthquake? Tsunami? War? Don't Be ScaredPastor Timothy D. Lee, Mar 26, 2011
Endangered SpeciesEndangered SpeciesPastor Ken Scheller, Mar 19, 2011
The Finished WorkThe Finished WorkPastor Ken Scheller, Mar 9, 2011